I Write.

Today, I am writing because that's what I always do, the one thing that my heart still believes in. Words. The ink and the paper, creating magic capable of healing many and wounding many. Words and their catharsis. A life-force that help souls live another day, breathe and survive another routine of mundane existence. Today,... Continue Reading →


Muted Voices

To her, an ode She, who may be next She, who already has She, who so presumes But She, who is She, who will shout and shriek And cry. She who will beckon, for humanity She, who will knock every door and beseech every soul She, who was but not is And will probably never... Continue Reading →


The ripping of masks. The startle of reality. The begining of a rut. That's how disillusionment sets in. A point from where there is no return, a point that just sucks one in and inner. This is how it feels,the meaninglessness of life, the insignificance of existence, the lost connections, a lack of energy and... Continue Reading →


Words unsaid Thoughts undone, Memories unfettered, And Reminders unbound. Starry nights ungazed, Tears uncried, Hollow barks, And rooted trees. Stones and rocks, Ebony-black, Unfazed, undaunted Swept ashore; Raging waves In silent harmony, Tired and fallen, As lost legacies kiss feet. Identities and storms, In furores over existence. Of the created and the Creator, Of obeisance... Continue Reading →

Ballad of the Forest

Daily Prompt: ForestCanopies that hide songs,Carpets that pervade miles,Barks that crunch footsteps,And roars that split asunder,Cracks in the prism,Flame-quenched oceans,Parched nomads,And withered terrains.Forests of the wild,A Schrodinger's cat,Alive yet dead.Miles across,With glittering ensemble,And swirling smoke,Tiles that crunch footsteps,And breaths that steal life.Cracks in the prism,Icy gusts that seep in cold,Parched throats,And wrinkled souls.Forests of cement,A... Continue Reading →

Stormy Tides

Daily Prompt: Tide Frantic waves that beckon the rock And the receding shore that eludes its grasp, The only anchor, sunk to the bottom. Victim to the years of corrosion, The metal turns dust. The rage and furore of the crashing tides, The swirling foam adding to the edginess, Evasive hands, with lifeboats none The... Continue Reading →

Meandering Lines

Daily prompt:Observe Rhythm of the ink, With thoughts whizzing past Words left unsaid, And bemused reveries, In a melange of melodies, Surrendering to the bliss. Quaint observations, And contemporary notions, In a juxtaposition of ideas, Fuelling the gliding ink. Yet, the pen stops every minute, The stoic resolve undone. Wandering to those closed doors, That... Continue Reading →

Up and down

Daily prompt: Abrupt P.C:Ray Collins Photography Frozen rivulets, Ashy clouds. Shards of ice, Flakes of snow. Trouts gliding under, Wings fluttering above. The land's firm grip, And the sky's limitless expanse. The sleeved horizons, merging. A tantrum, seldom in notice. Seamless fins and abrupt wings, Rock-hard stone and the gentle dew, The terra firma and... Continue Reading →

Polar penchants

Notable"> Notable Courage and fear, Inexistent without the other. Elaborations of eminence, Watering down the profound sense. Indenting failures and learnt triumph, Faltering one's step yet nuturing Progress. Abstractions of notability, Thesis and anti-thesis, Contradictions yet predilections. Fuel that life breathes on.

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