"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about." -Rumi One day, when one of us is sane enough. One day, when things are not what they appear to be, and people are... Continue Reading →



Tear drenched pages, And memoirs of a haunt, The refuge of darkness, And the sombre gaze, Canopied mane, And the downcast sight, The trembling lips And the steely breath, Rushed nerves, And the fervent thoughts, The chutzpah of pain, And the echoes of diffidence, Ephemeral realities, With the wisdom of a lie, Merging greys that... Continue Reading →

If only..

As the embers freeze and the dew swelters, As the shards embrace and words kill Some days like this, When senses override thoughts And memories loom As decisions haunt; When nothing changes yet affect hopes, And cognition ponders As regret battles truth yonder. Some days like this, When lines get blurred And ink is bled... Continue Reading →

Life of a skeptic

When the sun goes hiding And the stars gaze down, When clouds embrace their darkness And the sky canopies the wayfarer; When the lamps fade out, And the ones in flight rest their wings; When most souls pace their breaths And sleep away their toil, When silence takes a hushed reign And the cogs come... Continue Reading →


A step here, a step there, A quivering ring Of chaos undealt. Integrity witnesses, The debate of perspectives And calm turmoils. Hypocrisy testifies, Shouting itself, Loud and clear. Is right always the right? Or is wrong the new right? Mazes of conviction, Hooded eyes And Naying lips. Contingencies of escape Rituals and summons. Knowing and... Continue Reading →

I Write.

Today, I am writing because that's what I always do, the one thing that my heart still believes in. Words. The ink and the paper, creating magic capable of healing many and wounding many. Words and their catharsis. A life-force that help souls live another day, breathe and survive another routine of mundane existence. Today,... Continue Reading →

Muted Voices

To her, an ode She, who may be next She, who already has She, who so presumes But She, who is She, who will shout and shriek And cry. She who will beckon, for humanity She, who will knock every door and beseech every soul She, who was but not is And will probably never... Continue Reading →


The ripping of masks. The startle of reality. The begining of a rut. That's how disillusionment sets in. A point from where there is no return, a point that just sucks one in and inner. This is how it feels,the meaninglessness of life, the insignificance of existence, the lost connections, a lack of energy and... Continue Reading →


Words unsaid Thoughts undone, Memories unfettered, And Reminders unbound. Starry nights ungazed, Tears uncried, Hollow barks, And rooted trees. Stones and rocks, Ebony-black, Unfazed, undaunted Swept ashore; Raging waves In silent harmony, Tired and fallen, As lost legacies kiss feet. Identities and storms, In furores over existence. Of the created and the Creator, Of obeisance... Continue Reading →

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