Tentative"> Tentative Tentative branches, Vulnerability. Sturdy roots, Succour. Woody barks, Connect. Whispering breeze, Calm. Wandering offshoots, Rooted. Torrents and Storms, Not a nudge. Travails of time, Pages. Somersaults of destiny, Resilience. Branches become trees, Frayed roots. Baselines erase, Renewing their oaths.


A song of Fire

Penchant"> Penchant The spiralling flames Swirling high Fuelled by the blazing lashes Those that reach out with  Open arms Reaching the clouds And up above. The zeniths undefined Wings spread out Unquenched, unfettered A crescendo of fire Up,up and above. Half-written verses Turmoiling the echoes Arcane signs Enflaming the crests The angry Sparks Carrying the... Continue Reading →

Chaotic Symphony

Carousel"> Carousel Elusive slumber, A screaming heart, Searching eyes, And the watchful mind. Gazillions of what ifs, Scores of thoughts, And the emotions that never let loose. Insomniac days, Filled with delirium A rest left for the rest Mental presence constant chimes And the absence of a presence unknown lurking large. Edged words Clawing at... Continue Reading →


A wail Followed by celebration Stares of many Confounded reciprocation Helpless paralysis Samaritans at beck and call Better states rapid in their movement Responsibilities thrust upon Wisdom expected Clarity sought Confounded still A scream cries out. Some things do stay forever.

Ecliptic horizons

Bury"> Bury The delirious alacrity Of all things happy, The effortless smile, the sunshine And the warmth of joy. The unbidden presence for things unrequited, The tranquil peace, the sanctity And the lifetime's worth. The unspoken promises for all those treasured, The solace, the comfort And the assurance of those eyes. The breezing sail for... Continue Reading →


P.C: Ray Collins *** The first streak of dawn, Rays breathing in life The melodious chirp, the whispering leaves, the rooster's call And a day begins in earnest. Out for a livelihood,all souls leave. Soon the bustle pervades the morning calm, Unnoticed, Unattended yet Omnipresent The warmth replaced by the fiery heat, A solar guardian,... Continue Reading →

Raison d’être

P.C:Ray Collins  *** For every word uttered, There is one that remains unspoken. For every verse of poetry, There exists a legion of prose. For every expression displayed, There are many that remain masked. For every feat of courage, There once was a coward. For every dawn that rises, There existed once its darkest hour.... Continue Reading →

The Crescent’s Allegiance

Magnet"> Magnet The crescent's rise Causing the heart to bloom The month of peace, Where the parched throat Yearns for thirst, Where the giving hand And the one receiving,both receive, Where nights become day And man rivals with time, Where there is peace And peace,all around, Where the lines that stand Stand humbled with awe,... Continue Reading →


The moonlit night Companion to those azure specks The lonely tree Swaying in solidarity The honking hullabaloo Paused for the wane The labouring mortals Dreaming for a respite The nocturnal creatures Up for the rise The meandering mind Blurring the lines The valley of the callosum Bridging the thoughts The darkest hour Burning the brightest... Continue Reading →

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