When bullets ricochet, Who do they hit? Does air take the brunt? Or does soil take its stead? Does blood seep in? Or do gasps cloak pain? Does pain exist at all? Or do we float in nothingness? Do the dead deserve mercy? Or is it the living? Or those that exist, the undead who... Continue Reading →

White Facades

A landscape of white and toppling greys, A fall nearby, And a mournful sigh. A broken canvas etched in red, Erasing air and persistent breaths. Tiny beings, Hearts and orbs, A shard of ice And frosted grass. Pictures surround, Nature in mind Reality just another haze. Fickle stares, Of helpless souls Of lives gone, midst... Continue Reading →


Cubes, triangles and asterisks Amidst black watered chandeliers. Roses, dandelion and tulips With blood frosted roulette. Graffiti, chaos and sense In dance with the unknown. Brushes, juries and a paring, And duels met by the stroke. A pause, a query and the stars And meteors hit by the sun. Canvases all for a scene. Daring... Continue Reading →


What would you do if today's sweat bought you today's bread? Would you still choose hunger over rules? Curfew over a little extra cents? Cents that would mean a better meal than yesterday? If you answered in the negative, pause and rethink minus the lens of privilege. For many of us it is an unrelatable... Continue Reading →

This or that?

Is it the tremble? Or the faltered step? Is patience ever the key? Or rather indifference? Are singularities ever rewarding? Or do generics reign the day? Does anyone ever know? Or are we aces at 'pretend'? Is it those that speak not And endure and go on That fret the least? Or is it them... Continue Reading →

Since when?

Of all days hence, Parchments and dots, And awareness blind. Of steps shelled, Assaults and words, And pills uncensored. Of futures bare, Absence and nightmares, And denials failed. Of refuges taken, Memoirs of a day, And flashbacks of a haunt. Of flights untaken, Conscience and guilt, And treacherous present. Of sunshine days, Maybes and courage,... Continue Reading →


Blazing torches, Unsung voices Platforms for Crusade A push and a pause, Dominoes that fall. Flames fuelled, And gasoline stares Venom that spews, Croaks and dies And yet, kills. Words of vice, March and choke Slogans fired Bullets pummelled. Dissent and law Morality or non? Shouts echo and voices crumble. Patrolled hooligans Futures of glass,... Continue Reading →

Of Rusting Manacles

To windows that gaze, And scenes that change. To horizons unmerged, And crowds untamed. To birds that fly, And chains that seize To those fettered apprehensions And stoic resolves, To those flutters and stutters And suave tethers. To limits and dedications And rambled letters, To senses and wise And awareness unbridled. Of rusting manacles, Cages... Continue Reading →


Of bags that weigh a ton, And trinkets that hold a smile. Of muddied poignancies, And grins that are worth a dime Of parched turmoils, And caustic nights, balmy when on mute. Of mercurial words, And sombre steps Of silences unbroken, And hamartias errant Of pauses too deep, And thoughts, synaptic. Of journeys that start,... Continue Reading →


"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about." -Rumi One day, when one of us is sane enough. One day, when things are not what they appear to be, and people are... Continue Reading →

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