Ink, paper and

A pseudo-philosopher

Embroiled in a quandary

Create undecipherable mysteries

Deciphered everyday by many.

A claim of nobility.

A claim that baptizes every wandering soul.

Yet gleaming atop the writer’s crown

is a nescient halo.

Vague scribblings

And a blank canvas

Merge and dissolve

Opinions, perspectives

And criticisms.

Opening the eyes of many 

Yet blinding many a sight.

26 alphabets

A measure of intellect

A quantum of insanity.

Words and sentences,

Magnum opus and drivel.

Each, a child beloved

Having a life of its own.

Artisans of language

building a bridge between 

The can,is and should be’s.

Igniting dreams, illuminating realities

And ennobling souls.


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