Tale of A Place

A place exists…

Shrouded in darkness

With muted cries.

Every street, a graveyard.

Each person, a victim.

Dream, better not

Life, Freedom?

Meaningless nouns.

Humanity, unheard of.

Empty stares, devoid of hope.

Minutes tick by,

Bracing for the familiar

Clouds of Ash suffused with death.

Existence occurs.

It does, yes.

But each day, a timely reminder

Better not being born

Than dealt such a card

A place exists such as this…

Where it beckons to humanity day and night but is unaware that sometimes the world is just so cold


13 thoughts on “Tale of A Place

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        1. Yea, sometimes these thoughts do occur..I have written a poem titled Hope too on the same theme..But sometimes,it also occurs to me,that God has given us the gift of rationale,now who is to blame if we still fall back to Neanderthalic ways fighting and shedding blood for such trivial reasons

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  1. In my lifetime I have seen several places in the world where this exists. Today we have the media to give us the pictures and the information so it is far more “present” for us than it was when I was younger. For example I new little of Cambodia under Pol Pot until it was over. Thank you for this post it is very moving.

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    1. Yes,what you say is true..but even today with the evolution of media,there are so many places out there where people face harrowing realities yet the rest of the world is almost unaware of it, and even if we do know,choose to ignore because it doesn’t affect us, and what doesn’t affect us, doesn’t concern us.The future of humanity seems nightmarish to even ponder about..

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  2. This beautiful, heart wrenching poem in so starkly revealing a desperate situation should prove a wake up call. How can a society that claims to be civilized be so calloused in ignoring what is happening to so many innocent people. Thank you for have the heart to share this.

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