Riding atop the gossamer clouds,

Slithering past the serpentine rush,

Waltzing through the shores unknown,

Seeping forth the pumping beats,

Reflecting across the mirror of time,

Climbing high amid the scraping peaks.

I wonder, what is it.

Palpable in its invisibility,

Illuminating the world is its USP.

Lingering in the obscurities,

Yet manoeuvring the cosmic sheets.

Wonder what it is

Starved of it,

Humanity asphyxiates.

Smothered by it,

It loses its allure.

The muse of poets,

Testament to folklore inked.

I wonder, what is it.


6 thoughts on “Conjecture

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    1. Really??I am flattered:DThis is actually gibberish strung together owing to a writer’s block and a strong ocd to respond to the daily prompt.But I must admit,there did exist a big idea but the implementation part fizzled out:(


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