The planetary motion 

A journey of precision.

The elliptical orbits

Verging on utmost symbiosis.

Azure skies

Alongside the calm breeze.

Grassy expanse

Amidst the arboreal growths.

Floral rainbows

With accordant overtones.

The feral docility

Of the fauna around.

Microcosmic Harmony

In the atoms seen.

A theme of homeostasis

Save for one anomaly.

Chaos, destruction, Savagery.


In self-destruction mode.

An oxymoron in a sea of similitudes.

A wait for a better tomorrow

Of sunshines and smiles

Of peace and joy

Of metaphors of love 

Of freedom and respect 

Of a day, where we are ‘we’ again

Until then, I remain

Salvaging hope.


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