For want of a few words

Disclaimer:If you are looking at reading something worthwhile,then believe me you are staring at the wrong post..And it is never too late to go back and start anew.Nevertheless, the choice is totally upto you, could give it a try if you want to:p

So here we go,

Some days you are inspired to write, some other days, you want to write but you lack a muse.Most days,the daily prompts serves while other days,not so much.This is one of these days.After writing, rewriting,editing so many potential posts, I finally scored out whatever I had started to write. In my search for inspiration,I noticed that I had an avid(yes, I had to put it somewhere:D) interest in staring at things, waiting for some lines to dawn on me. In the course of it, I penned another poem (if I might call it that) which I will save for another day.After all,one needs to be sane. So yes, today technically, I will be publishing a post depite my strong conviction otherwise. Je pense que le temps will make things right..Well, Let’s leave time to decide that,shall we?:p 


11 thoughts on “For want of a few words

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  1. I couldn’t help it, I had to read… You hooked me from the beginning “Disclaimer: If you are looking at reading something worthwhile, then believe me you are staring at the wrong post. And it is never too late to go back and start anew.”

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  2. I quit writing on wordpress for almost three years, but here I am again, writing, interacting, and willing to contribute.
    Every blogger has his/her ups and downs, the most important thing about blogging in my opinion, is that when you write, you put in words something genuine and true, something you’ve felt or experienced before, something worth writing for.

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    1. That’s true, otherwise I too wouldn’t be writing here.. The genuity in the words of so many others implores one also to heed the same:)But some days, I believe,I should refrain from writing and instead read..But the tides keep changing so one never knows

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