Not so Grey After all

Gray is synonymous with desolate gloominess,with depressing nothingness.But is the colour to be blamed? Is it necessary​ for it to always be negatively associated-be the harbinger of misery,grief and despair? I don’t think so.Hence, I thought why don’t I write something that has a positive connotation and is relatable too.So,as I wracked my brains hoping to conjure up some ideas,it struck me about how it could mean life itself.

When the rain clouds appear in the sky,there is nothing that brings me more joy than those fluffy cumulonimbus that adorn the sky with the subtle silvery grey,mighty and resplendent yet gracious enough to visit the humble abode of earth and gift us with its elixir.The farmers’ eyes seek the sky once too often waiting for it to make an appearance and grant his crops rejuvenation.A toddler’s eyes seek the sky to experience the first drops falling on his face, lighting his face with joy at the hidden pleasure of doing so without the mother’s knowledge.As students,we turn our faces upward hoping for a rain holiday that could save us from those foreboding classes.As we grow older,rains become a time for reminiscing those beautiful memories when the woods were lovely,dark and deep and not many promises to keep.

The earthy perfume of petrichor, the hues of green and brown indicative of life springing all around,the renewed colours of the flowers,the chirp of birds as they emerge from their nests to continue their flight,all this and more is what follows the ‘greyiness’.As someone once said, “When it rains, Everything becomes more beautiful”I couldn’t agree more.Rain is life and what could be more positive than that,which brings me to ask you all one simple question, why do we have to make subjective things objective? Is it necessary that each one has to follow a set pattern laid down by another, the stereotyping of ‘grey’ being one such example​.Why don’t we make our own paths instead and live much more fulfilling lives?


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  1. That’s a well written post, and a very nice read; for this I give you THANKS.
    Just for the sake of the discussion, I would love to state a quick opinion:
    Grey cloudy skies are eye catchy for sure. I love how the sky looks before it rains, and love how grey skies indicate a lot of good about to happen.
    I guess that connecting grey to gloominess is mostly related to “fear of the unknown.”
    When we see grey skies, we always hope it rains, but we’re not sure whether it will actually rain or not; and then, if it does rain, we wonder will it only revive the earth, or will it drown the yield, and destroy the land, etc.
    By all means, rain is good, but lot’s of it is destructive. Likewise GREY is good, but lot’s of it is extremely gloomy.
    Thanks again Asma, I like reading your posts.

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    1. Yes,what you say is true.Thank you for the insight:)But here the point I was trying to make is about stereotyping things,so that many associate the same without any contemplation of their own..So grey doesn’t necessarily have to be gloomy,in the same breath it doesn’t have to symbolise cheerfulness either.It all depends on our subjective perceptions

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  2. Great post. Funny that I have nothing in my closet gray It’s bright colors or black and white. I think I need to rethink this. LOL But on a serious note, gray is usually associated with dull, dirty, dingy and depression. But that doesn’t mean is has to be. Perspective is everything. 🙂

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