A Scented Reminiscence

All those places,

Where my feet have tread

Those unwinding paths,

And those scenic views.

All those people,

Whom my nod acknowledged

Those piqued interests,

And those few bonds.

All those corners,

Which my soul has sought.

Those moments of respite,

And that treasured solitude.

All those sheets,

Where ink never runs dry.

Those poignant emotions,

And the abstract cloakings.

All those nights,

When my head bows down

Those millions of thoughts,

And eyes seek upward.

All those experiences,

Which have made my present

Those worth ruminating,

And those better left tacenda.

All these memories and more,

Latched in those tiny grey cells

Wafting their perfumes non-pareil,

That on some lazy day

Make you want to scour through it again.



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