Stringed Sentences


When words are wrought,

A spell is cast

Which weaves a mystique charm,

That echoes deep within.

Oblivious to the din,

With intense focus on the canvas in front

The tirade of the yarn continues

Creating marvels where ink and

Paper meet.

P.S:I have been working on this poem ever since the daily prompt for the word ‘Yarn’ first appeared,but somehow try as I might,this poem still lacks a soul and sounds incomplete whenever I read it. Today,after writing two poems and coming back to this, it still stared at me with stubborn relentlessness.Hence,I am publishing this in the hope that even if I lose my manuscript, someday, somewhere I can attempt to write it again.For now, la fin est où ‘the meet happens’.


12 thoughts on “Stringed Sentences

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  1. I totally understand what you meant with your note. I guess some pieces need sometime to mature enough, and reach the tip of our theme, all we can do is rewrite them again and again until we feel it in our hearts that they are good enough.

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