An Esoteric semblance


Crystals in quarantine

pellucid lanterns of the mines,

The geode rocks,

Juxtaposed with the carnelian rhodonite

A shimmering exuberance,

Yet basking in qualm

Exiled below, quaint misgivings

crawl deep, shards

Arise,and fractures appear.

Rocks remain rocks

And those donned dainty,

Fall apart.

Yet,on the precipice of tension,

Gems emerge; with every

touch of the polishing stone,

Chips and stones turn dust

And jewel takes form.

The shilpi unrepentant on the lapid


An esoteric journey,

Fraught with vexing reservation.

What remains, remains 

An exemplar paragon of creation;

And so is the semblance up above.


14 thoughts on “An Esoteric semblance

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    1. Thank you!:) I wrote this poem to highlight the fact that most of us are intimidated by difficulties that stumble our journey towards success yet all these are worth in the end because it shapes us,refines us just as a jewel is created,hence the analogy too..hope it makes sense now


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