Deceit,Drama And Truth

In a world of pretense, finding a place for truth is like waging a lost battle. Being true to others is certainly an utopian dream,when one struggles to be true to oneself.Is being true,such a lost deal?Is integrity​ just a decorated word, sprinkled on bios to make it appear ‘upgraded’. And what is all the buzz about integrity when people fail the litmus test? Being true doesn’t just include speaking the truth,but also one’s thoughts being in line with actions or atleast trying to be(the opposite of which is called ‘cognitive dissonance’)We,as people have discounted integrity and consonance,all for the sake of a paltry gain,to fit into a society which we built.And if otherwise, someone, somewhere gathers up the courage to stand up for what s/he believes in,then the said person is definitely a goner,in the eyes of the big brother(society). Why is that something as simple and uncomplicated as this, is made to feel so alien of a trait? There definitely are no laurels for going the right way, obviously not because after all isn’t it how one is supposed to be in the first place,but isn’t it ironic that the jibes and taunts dissuade one from breaking the shackles that society builds beneath the layers, but it is the same crowd that applauds the founding fathers of our civilization for believing in themselves and standing up for what they believed in?Pretty hypocritical, don’t you think?

This rant about integrity,truth and all those ‘saintly things far beyond the reach of us commoners'(do forgive the cynicism) was brought upon by a recent event, where one said lies despite knowing that the other knew the reality,and also disproved the other’s claims.The final result was that the one who lied was believed,accepted and praised while the other was termed an ‘abnormal entity’.Yep,end of story. Trivial as it may seem, the core issue is much more serious. Such an amazing way to reinforce lying, isn’t it?This event is just the tip of an iceberg, embedded deep within the annals of history and today,is no different. So what is the take-away lesson?None,it is totally upto you to decide what you are after, society or yourself,or better yet a way to strike a balance between the two.After all,one is gotta believe in what one is after!


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  1. Hume said “this so called self is just an illusion, identity we create from the infinite inputs we recieve everyday”
    I believe progressing but not deviating from that identity is integrity.
    We do absorb a lot that is around us, but we process it our way and that is unique for everyone and hence individuality.

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    1. Very profound thoughts! Yes,we are all in our own way unique and progress in our individual ways imbibed from the inputs that society gives us.But,the point I was trying to make is that some or rather many bargain the very fabric of this,all in return for society’s approval and what is ironical is that society callously goads them to do the same. The result,there is no progression and ‘the identity’ of the self(howsoever illusory it may be) is transformed into a bot that is programmed to do what is dictated,and hence integrity becomes an obsolete premise


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