Gray Matter(Also Black,White and Red)


The synaptic connections

Like cement freshly paved,

Experiences old and new

Tread marks run rerun,

Indentured impressions

Those valleys and ridges

Unassuming at their core

Carrying within,

A man’s entire universe.

Faculties of function

beyond man’s creation,

The homeground of Eurekas

Reason for all rationale

From the wheel to the Floo network,

Logic, imagination,all in symbiosis.

The sane voice, when the heart isn’t

Learning, imbibing, imparting

Untiring in its duty till the very end

And even beyond,
Those 7 minutes that count.

Microcosmic atoms of flesh,

A marvel, beyond man’s conception.

P.S:The quirky title is to dispel a common myth, our brain isn’t just grey,it is all these other colours too.Yes, the human brain is colourful:D


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