To my fellow infj

Because I promised…


The first class,the first talk 

The perfect half-sense

Yet,that seat beside me

The smile that lured me in

Two polar opposites,

Yet,bound by the magnetic pull

Those everyday fights,

The Mars and Venus trajectories

The philosophical talks, the crazy lala lands,

Yewwing everything the other went gaga o’er

Yet each other’s company,

A haven,sought often


Everything,a yes-go area

The one who keeps it real,

No matter the hard truth,

That which I have learnt to search for

The constant of my life,

Whose presence I never had to yearn for

Yet the days rolled by,

Years waxed and waned

And then,as though unannounced

Time came as a bane,

Those treasured memories

And the ones not,still indelible

Yet,goodbye never

Cause’ After all these times



Writing a poem where the muse is a person, is something I seriously struggle with.Translating emotions into words,talking about feelings where souls are involved,conveying that you do care,are all a real scary ordeal for someone who tries to remain as unattached as humanely possible.Yet, I knew this one had to be written,no matter how long it takes,no matter how it turns out to be,for this one is dedicated to that  someone who holds an extremely significant place in my life​.And it is not everyday that I do this,so this one is for you hds…Thank you for being there through the tides of life,thank you for being everything that you were and are,thank you for being that sensible person (sometimes.Just sometimes,not always:p)and thank you for making these years so beautiful that the reminiscing memories never fail to evoke a smile…


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