The Crescent’s Allegiance


The crescent’s rise

Causing the heart to bloom

The month of peace,

Where the parched throat

Yearns for thirst,

Where the giving hand

And the one receiving,both receive,

Where nights become day

And man rivals with time,

Where there is peace

And peace,all around,

Where the lines that stand

Stand humbled with awe,

Where life realizes its purpose

And earnestly toils,

Where dawn and eve compete

All but for the only one,

Where the night of glory descends

Revealing a treasure unparalleled,

Where mankind begins to see a light

And troubles seem to cease,

Where mercy, forgiveness

And salvation forge their path,

Where the soul is cleansed

And the heart feels pure,

Where the mind,body and soul

Are but a magnet towards its radiance,

Where the heart pleads

For time to slow down its pace,

Where the days fade in and out

And the crescent comes full circle,

To become itself again

Yet,as the journey ends

The voyage begins.

The learnings learnt,a tool to guide

Till the crescent appears again.



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