Raison d’être

P.C:Ray Collins 


For every word uttered,

There is one that remains unspoken.

For every verse of poetry,

There exists a legion of prose.

For every expression displayed,

There are many that remain masked.

For every feat of courage,

There once was a coward.

For every dawn that rises,

There existed once its darkest hour.

For every moment of silence,

There are echoes that rise above the din.

For every smile graced,

There lies a history of pain.

For every fruit reaped,

There once was a seed.

For every ship anchored,

There once lay a stormy sea.

For every height achieved,

There once was a low.

For every tale of fortitude,

There conquered mockery.

For every step walked,

There exists a reason

And for every reason there is,

There abides life.


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