Ecliptic horizons


The delirious alacrity

Of all things happy,

The effortless smile, the sunshine

And the warmth of joy.

The unbidden presence

for things unrequited,

The tranquil peace, the sanctity

And the lifetime’s worth.

The unspoken promises

for all those treasured,

The solace, the comfort

And the assurance of those eyes.

The breezing sail

for things that weigh,

The credence, the bonds

And the rock in an ocean.

The tethered anchor

for the ravaging storms,

The tempest,the calm

And the juxtaposed brew.

The biding canvas

for its work of magnum,

The wait, the focus

And the determined strokes

The slanted quill

for the bleeding ink,

The homage,the disdain

And the eternity of words.

The symphony of life

for the lyrics in tune,

The notes,the strings

And the mellifluous play.

The longing wait

for the paused impasse,

The grit,the hope

And the beginning of an end.

A totality of one’s universe,

Nascency buried amidst bedlam

And the hushed concordance.


5 thoughts on “Ecliptic horizons

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  1. Oh my God, this is so beautiful! Your poetry is so beautiful! You make everything sound so beautiful… I think I’ve reached the level of how many times you can use “beautiful” without it sounding like you don’t know any other word… But truly, it is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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