Chaotic Symphony

Elusive slumber,

A screaming heart,

Searching eyes,

And the watchful mind.

Gazillions of what ifs,

Scores of thoughts,

And the emotions that never let loose.

Insomniac days,

Filled with delirium

A rest left for the rest

Mental presence constant chimes

And the absence of a presence unknown lurking large.

Edged words

Clawing at the throat

Rusted shackles at their pinnacle of freedom,

And the dreary doom, safer in its permanence.

Insipid soul,

Lusting for life

long lost sparks quenched

Ashes alienated from their origin

And the cracked shell carrying its mortal weight.

Brunt of those beyond,

Who now care not

And those that stay,

Who fret till their turn cometh

A carousel of sorts, with pivoting echoes

And the chaotic solace,the epitaph delivers.

Irrefutable statements

Or said so

The unassuming antithesis

with its omniscient stare.

Speculations of conjecture

Ruining and running

Those lives of many

that rationale seldom cites.

The fraying pages

hiding their tales,

Those torn sentences

biding for a meaning.

And the tabula rasa of the collective unconscious,
Controlling many,

Capturing many,

Empowering a few

Only for midnight to unleash its demons

Yet again.


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