Of Lost Identities

When home ceases to be a home,

My identity not mine,

The soil that anointed my birth,


When all this happens, and more;

I cry out.

Darkness echoes my reply.

Steeped in slumber,

the world watches.

Hunger wipes its tears.

The icy hands of


choking the last gasps.

Lyrics of blood and fire,

Legacies denied an epitaph.

Orphans of the universe,

Never a chance at surviving.

Not labelled a victim;

A worser fate.

A threat to the world.


My faith?

Or my ignorance of the world?

A world that mourns today,

Celebrates tomorrow.

A world where the price of humanity

Is the measure of a shroud.

A world, where masks galore

and souls ripped.

A world, where saccharine graffiti

hides the putrid dankness.

In such a world, my friend,

You and I reside.


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