Conspicuous Fallacies



The grey cells up there,

Carrying the mortal weight

Semblance of consciousness

Keepers of memory,

Every nook and every crevice,

A legacy waiting to be etched.

The insignificant memoirs,

Dates,facts, names and tales

Bestowed with a remembrance,

That puts the mighty binary to shame.

The treasured moments,

Of those ecstatic peaks

Relished and recalled

From the coffers’ abundance.

A record unparalleled

Of is and nots,

Keeping together the black and white,

And the trillion greys.

Yet, flounder it does;

To store the ones most close.

The most cherished,

The priceless of all,

The unforgettable moments

Yet, obsolete in a span.

Irony’s ruse

To ensnare and rule.

Captive to thought,

And slave to instinct:

Mankind oscillates,

Paying obeisance to both.

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