This or that?

Is it the tremble?

Or the faltered step?

Is patience ever the key?

Or rather indifference?

Are singularities ever rewarding?

Or do generics reign the day?

Does anyone ever know?

Or are we aces at ‘pretend’?

Is it those that speak not

And endure and go on

That fret the least?

Or is it them that go sleepless?

Penning craze and wondering mayhap

Waiting for em’ honied embers,

To take over the ebony sky.

Is anytime too late?

For words insufficient

And dictions lost?

Or is any day right

for lost mazes

And succinct wills?

One thought on “This or that?

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  1. Have patience, it is those who show perseverance and remain steadfast that triumph at the end. This worldly life is one of strife but the reward shall be in the hereafter.


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