White Facades

A landscape of white

and toppling greys,

A fall nearby,

And a mournful sigh.

A broken canvas

etched in red,

Erasing air

and persistent breaths.

Tiny beings,

Hearts and orbs,

A shard of ice

And frosted grass.

Pictures surround,

Nature in mind

Reality just another haze.

Fickle stares,

Of helpless souls

Of lives gone,

midst in grief

And the ones not,

bask in misery unbroken.

White facades,

And scarlet chaos,

Life, existence, all in a bubble,

Waiting for that gasp of air,

A burst

A pause

The facades, the

illusions inexistent.

Another bubble forms,

And souls migrate.

Havens of ice,

If not for the Sun.


P.C: Facebook

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