Stringed Sentences

yarn"> yarn When words are wrought, A spell is cast Which weaves a mystique charm, That echoes deep within. Oblivious to the din, With intense focus on the canvas in front The tirade of the yarn continues Creating marvels where ink and Paper meet. P.S:I have been working on this poem ever since the daily... Continue Reading →


Bitter"> Bitter The word reminiscent of the taste, A word detested, Cursed and cat-called Stinks of corrugating rust Synonymous with abject misery. Yet, in all its sanguine naivety, It is what life is about. All those defining moments The game-changers, the check-mates The low blows, the catastrophes The cascading falls, the downward spiral The ruminating... Continue Reading →

What’s To Be

A bleak light, That beckons towards the shore An uncertain ride, That knows no destination A possibility towards vulnerability, That creates predictive anxiety The intuitive premonitions, That sometimes change with the tide Those evolving goals, That shape the soul The temporary pit-stops, That put you in the backlogs But leave you feeling, Refreshed, Rejuvenated,Ready And... Continue Reading →

All in the recipe

Panicked">Panicked Those beads of sweat, Eyes which fret in nervous sweats The flustered appearance, And a dash of adrenaline to spice up things A sprinkle of quiet trepidation, And a measure of anxious tension. A recipe that creates haywire, That's what it usually is. But sometimes,just sometimes, You see a different kind Calmness in those... Continue Reading →

A Cycle of Events

Apprentice From birth, Till death do us part As the epochs zoom in and out,  Each and every last one An apprentice in here. Observe, imitate,impart And the fuel of life is replete. From amateurish errors, To experts legendary A transitioning metamorphosis Some by virtue of age Few by experience, rest By claims benign. For... Continue Reading →

A Scented Reminiscence

All those places, Where my feet have tread Those unwinding paths, And those scenic views. All those people, Whom my nod acknowledged Those piqued interests, And those few bonds. All those corners, Which my soul has sought. Those moments of respite, And that treasured solitude. All those sheets, Where ink never runs dry. Those poignant... Continue Reading →

The Night Sky

Blanket Far beyond the ocean As the raging fire simmers its wrath, Like a phoenix rising from the flames Yet a halcyonic antithesis, Is the birth of the night sky. A soothing balm to the preceding sizzle, The charcoal blanket edging towards its pinnacle, Adorned with the canopy of stars, It is poise personified. The... Continue Reading →

Not so Grey After all

Gray is synonymous with desolate gloominess,with depressing nothingness.But is the colour to be blamed? Is it necessary‚Äč for it to always be negatively associated-be the harbinger of misery,grief and despair? I don't think so.Hence, I thought why don't I write something that has a positive connotation and is relatable too.So,as I wracked my brains hoping to conjure... Continue Reading →

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