Nebulous Omens

P.C: Paul Flinnigan Photography Mallet"> Mallet Gasps of air, And words left unuttered. Elusive tears, And the silent uproars. Cries for help, And the forlorn anguish, Evasive distractions, And the plebian sycophancy. Shards of glass, And the deafening sounds. Fumes of gas, And the question of existence; Asking for the world's eyes, And demanding​ its... Continue Reading →


Kindred Spirits

Parallel"> Parallel Answers set in stone, The residual embers still aglow, Scorching the touch with sombre conviction. Crow-lines and arrogant sweat mar the hearer's forehead, Facades of power now obsolete. Debilitated naivety and nescient innocence, Smile from their graves. Notions of society, Critiqued and scrutinised. Parallels of yore; Evidences of today, Paving tomorrow's way. Yet... Continue Reading →

A Genie from Utopia

Genie"> Genie Hazy eyes, With mists swirling in those irises Of dandelions and lavender, Of Startrek and Quidditch, Of unicorns and snowflakes, Of quaint mysteries and trivias galore, Of places never seen and souls never met, Of all those things that eyes never saw Nor ears ever heard; Yet they lingered on, Those swirling mists... Continue Reading →

Life in a Democracy

Fret"> Fret A stilled pause, Decided silence. Uproars and rage, The masses' weapon. Shrieks and shouts, Chaos and pain, The fumbling humanity, Confused. Fretting over with matriarch diligence, To ease and to absolve, That burdensome weight that conscience yields. Vigils, rallies, protests Cometh sleep, and dawns another day. And the roaring echoes, give way to... Continue Reading →


Bleak shadows, choke-hold Circles of life, a haunting eclipse. Facades and restraints, Reminders of a memory. Chirpy bubbles, drowned by ash. Purged of everything, true purposes dissolve. Narrated by chaos, stony silences follow. Time stills, as it is now too late. Willful recluses, return to life. Yet life remains far away As things once dead... Continue Reading →


When the pen runs out of ink And dusk draws near When thoughts are but thoughts And time remains a luxury When the mind cajoles the soul And draws no assent When the pages flutter And not a pin whispers When the din of silence grows And the climax looms When the chaos within And... Continue Reading →

A Veil

Compass"> Compass Benign Abstractions Cloaks of mail. A sheath of defense Tears in particular, Frozen at the lashes. A mask of alacrity, Gnawing at the core. Stifling fuel, burning through the crowd. Human hamartias haunting the monotony. The machines, Toiling their full cycle. Emotions of the street, Stay there unattended. Chaos pillaging its way. The... Continue Reading →

Of Lost Identities

Black"> Black When home ceases to be a home, My identity not mine, The soil that anointed my birth, Stolen. When all this happens, and more; I cry out. Darkness echoes my reply. Steeped in slumber, the world watches. Hunger wipes its tears. The icy hands of misery, choking the last gasps. Lyrics of blood... Continue Reading →

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