The Crescent’s Allegiance

Magnet Circle"> Circle The crescent's rise Causing the heart to bloom The month of peace, Where the parched throat Yearns for thirst, Where the giving hand And the one receiving,both receive, Where nights become day And man rivals with time, Where there is peace And peace,all around, Where the lines that stand Stand humbled with... Continue Reading →



The moonlit night Companion to those azure specks The lonely tree Swaying in solidarity The honking hullabaloo Paused for the wane The labouring mortals Dreaming for a respite The nocturnal creatures Up for the rise The meandering mind Blurring the lines The valley of the callosum Bridging the thoughts The darkest hour Burning the brightest... Continue Reading →

To my fellow infj

Because I promised... **** The first class,the first talk  The perfect half-sense Yet,that seat beside me The smile that lured me in Two polar opposites, Yet,bound by the magnetic pull Those everyday fights, The Mars and Venus trajectories The philosophical talks, the crazy lala lands, Yewwing everything the other went gaga o'er Yet each other's... Continue Reading →

The odds

Survive"> Survive To survive And live another day A proverbial chant echoing everyday To reconcile and live one's fate No fights, no trysts, Handing over reins to destiny Not so much as a gasp to be alive Eking out existence, Till the years roll by and the turn arrives. Surviving, Each second, Every day, Every... Continue Reading →

Gray Matter(Also Black,White and Red)

Impression"> Impression The synaptic connections Like cement freshly paved, Experiences old and new Tread marks run rerun, Indentured impressions Those valleys and ridges Unassuming at their core Carrying within, A man's entire universe. Faculties of function beyond man's creation, The homeground of Eurekas Reason for all rationale From the wheel to the Floo network, Logic,... Continue Reading →

Deceit,Drama And Truth

In a world of pretense, finding a place for truth is like waging a lost battle. Being true to others is certainly an utopian dream,when one struggles to be true to oneself.Is being true,such a lost deal?Is integrity‚Äč just a decorated word, sprinkled on bios to make it appear 'upgraded'. And what is all the... Continue Reading →


Pen at standstill The parchment flutters. Every gust,a stoic urge Goading thoughts to broadcast words. Compliance of mind,yet heart defiant The unspoken chorus,translated to a soprano Going after an adrift purpose, When the race runs opposite Criticism becomes staple And the grapevine not far behind. Is the meaning worth the listening ears? Is it worth... Continue Reading →

An Esoteric semblance

Qualm Precipice"> Precipice Crystals in quarantine pellucid lanterns of the mines, The geode rocks, Juxtaposed with the carnelian rhodonite A shimmering exuberance, Yet basking in qualm Exiled below, quaint misgivings crawl deep, shards Arise,and fractures appear. Rocks remain rocks And those donned dainty, Fall apart. Yet,on the precipice of tension, Gems emerge; with every touch... Continue Reading →

An inevitable maze

Final"> Final The inevitable Finality Of all things born Why then,does the creation Hassle? Over judgments, Egos and biases In the hazy maze of life, Spites and vendettas  reign our time And night appears Before the day is realised. In the course of it all We refuse to accept Yet,deep in our hearts Indeed do... Continue Reading →

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